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Software Outsourcing

We partner with you from discovery to deployment and beyond, delivering world-class projects that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Remote Team

Do you have difficulty managing tech talent shortfalls, workflow slowdowns or budget overruns? We can offer you a solution to these issues through our remote staffing service.

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Dedicated Developers

For two decades, we have been operational and can work in partnership with your company, helping to pump new life into your organization through our professionals who are top-notch in their field.

Our Tech Stack

We Provide Teams For :

SaaS Development

We give businesses an advantage in creating scalable, secure, and yet user-friendly business-redesigning SaaS solutions that target their specific needs and goals.

Web App Development

We take on the web and mobile development of companies to provide a product that meets their needs at the highest possible level.

AI Chatbot Development

AI chatbot development is our belief, and we commit to empowering businesses with advanced customer engagement, cost reduction, and efficiency!

Mobile App Development

Our professionals are involved in creating tailored applications for either iOS or Android platforms, thus getting companies ahead in outdoor campaigns.

UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design services provide visually appealing and simple-to-navigate user journeys and intuitive interfaces.

Digital Marketing

Hire a team for search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content creation, and email marketing, all of which are included in the broad category of digital marketing.

About Us

Ray Solutions: Providing Remote Teams Since 2012

For more than 11 years, Ray Solutions has been the UK’s leading development company. We are a front-runner in the field of remote work breakthroughs. We enable businesses to reach a worldwide source of outstanding talent, helping them grow in innovation and scale. Our mission is simple: integrate your vision with a superb remote team and do it perfectly to push your project to another level.

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Why Choose Us

We Have the Formula For Fast And Efficient Business Growth

Skilled & Reliable Team

We build high-performing teams with the latest skills and technology. Thus, they are capable not only of meeting your requirements but also of delivering innovative business solutions.

Quick Hiring Process

One of our great strengths is our streamlined process. Our simple approach makes it possible for us to link you with a pre-screened, top quality remote team in a single business day. According to our quick and convenient onboarding, the new team members will have no problem in getting involved in your project right away.


Our pricing structure is straightforward and allows you to plan for your requirements. Typically you can hire a whole team at a price of a single resource in your home country.

Collaborate with Experienced Teams

We connect you to the world’s best remote team, freeing you from endless searching and helping you to focus on what is important for the completion of the project. We promise you an unmatched skill set and smooth collaboration.

What Clients Say About Us

Client Testimonial | by Design| Ray Solutions
Richard Bailey CEO Client By design

We've been with Ray Solutions for 8 years now, and they're like family! They consistently deliver quality work, always hitting deadlines and surprising us with new ideas. They're the absolute best. If you need a reliable team for your web project, I strongly recommend Ray Solutions!

Client Testimonial | Pixely | Ray Solutions
Amine Laissoub Founder Pixely

Launching my website builder application with Ray Solutions was a fantastic experience! They were incredibly communicative and understood what I needed. They didn't just build a solution; they suggested more features that were necessary. I was so impressed, and I'm definitely looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Client Testimonial | BusHunter | Ray Solutions
John Yan Founder Bus Hunter

Hiring Ray Solutions was a good decision! Their AI team made magic and added new life into our customer support solution. Migrating from the old.NET platform to a new tech stack was a hurdle we worried about, but Ray Solutions made the transition seamless. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

We connect you with highly skilled professionals at competitive rates. You can build a talented team that aligns with your budget, potentially offering significant cost savings compared to hiring locally. In some cases, hiring a team costs you less than a single employee from the USA or EUROPE

Yes, trial periods will be offered for the team members in remote positions. You can evaluate how it fits the job and replace it if you are not satisfied with the performance.

We present some pre-screened candidates within 24 hours, and the total turnaround time is 1 week.

We hire top talent through a rigorous process! This includes skills tests, in-depth interviews, and background checks to ensure you get the best.

We use project management software (such as Jira or Trello), communication platforms (such as Slack or Microsoft Teams), and frequent virtual meetings to encourage efficient communication and teamwork with remote teams. 

Ray Solutions is a UK-based company that complies with data security laws by signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with customers.


We monitor performance, provide individualized feedback, and support employees to do their best as part of the remote team. Platforms like Jira or Trello address the issues of task deadline management. Furthermore, we use tools like Toggl or Harvest to analyze work hours and their effectiveness. Online communication channels like Slack or Teams enable our team members to interact effectively. We also use tracking KPIs to monitor values like project completion, response times, and work quality to determine the effectiveness of our operations.

You can recruit a wide variety of tech experts (developers, designers, QA specialists), creative minds (writers, digital marketers, SEO experts), and operational powerhouses (customer service representatives, virtual assistants, project managers). 

Indeed, we might be helpful in the process of choosing the right replacement for your current employee. It will greatly reduce your costs and set you free from any perks you are bound to provide your employees.

Our teams are flexible to work with clients' time zones and are available when you need them.