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Ray Solutions has been Building Dream Remote Teams Since 2012

For more than 11 years, Ray Solutions has been the UK’s leading development company. We offer Data Engineering, SaaS solutions, Cloud, Security, and Web and mobile apps. Passionate about creating scalable solutions that solve real-world problems & enhance customer satisfaction.

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To become the world's leading platform for connecting businesses with top-tier remote teams, enabling them to create innovative and profitable projects.


We transform the way businesses build teams by offering a simple and secure platform for finding, screening, and recruiting excellent remote teams. We enable organizations of all sizes to access global talent, cut expenses, and achieve faster time-to-market, all while cultivating a collaborative and results-oriented remote work environment.

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Our History

Empowering Remote Teams:
Our Journey to Changing the Game

We are a front-runner in the field of remote work breakthroughs. We enable businesses to reach a world-wide source of outstanding talent, helping them grow in innovation and scale. Our mission is simple: integrate your vision with a superb remote team and do it perfectly to push your project to another level.