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Software Outsourcing

We partner with you from discovery to deployment and beyond, delivering world-class projects that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Remote Staffing

Are you struggling with tech talent shortages, missed deadlines, or budget overruns? We can help you overcome these challenges with our remote staffing services.

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Dedicated Teams

With our two decades of expertise, we can integrate with your business and accelerate your transformation and growth with our dedicated teams of expert developers.

What we offer

Solutions for Every Business

Generative AI Systems

Our generative AI systems can produce quality content, data, and insights for businesses.

Predictive AI Systems

Our predictive AI systems help businesses make better decisions, improve customer service, and prevent problems.

AI Chatbot Development

We specialise in AI Chatbot Dev services to help businesses improve their customer engagement, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Cloud Services

Ray Solutions provides cloud development services to help businesses build and deploy scalable, secure, and reliable cloud-based applications.

SaaS Development

We help businesses create scalable, secure and user-friendly SaaS solutions that meet their specific needs and goals.

Data Engineering

We help businesses optimize their data pipelines, enhance their data quality, and leverage advanced analytics and machine learning solutions.

Mobile App Development

Our experts build cutting-edge mobile apps for iOS and Android, helping businesses reach users on the go.

Web App Development

We help businesses create high-quality digital products with web and mobile development services.

About Us

Artificial intelligence is not a matter of science fiction.

91% of of top businesses are using AI to gain a competitive edge. Don’t let them leave you behind. Let us help you transform your business into an AI-powered one.

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Why Choose Us

With great power comes great productivity.

Smart Solutions

We offer smart solutions that help businesses optimise workflows, automate processes, and enhance customer experiences. Our solutions are flexible, scalable, and secure.

Certified Expert

Our team of certified AI experts can help you with any AI-related project, from chatbots to computer vision systems, SaaS development, Web and Mobile Development.

24/7 Support

24/7 worldwide support for all your needs. Contact us anytime via phone, email, chat, or social media. No worries about time zones or deadlines. We're here for you.

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Artificial Intelligence is the new big thing in technology

At Ray Solutions, we believe that AI has the power to transform businesses of all sizes. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing custom AI solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.
Our team of experienced AI experts will work with you to understand your challenges and goals. Then, we’ll develop a solution that will help you to achieve them.

Whether you’re looking to improve customer service, boost sales, or develop new products and services, Ray Solutions can help you to harness the power of AI to achieve your business goals.

What Client Say About Us

Client Testimonial | by Design| Ray Solutions
Richard Bailey CEO Client By design

Ray Solutions is a trusted partner for Client By Design, delivering high-quality, secure, innovative and scalable web design and development services on time and within budget. We highly recommend them!

Client Testimonial | Pixely | Ray Solutions
Amine Laissoub Founder Pixely

Ray Solutions was instrumental in the development of Pixely, helping us to create a state-of-the-art website creation platform.

Client Testimonial | BusHunter | Ray Solutions
John Yan Founder Bus Hunter

Ray Solutions was essential to the development of BusHunter, helping us to create a cutting-edge AI-powered bus booking platform that has revolutionized the way people travel.

Frequently Ask Questions

Ray Solutions is an AI development company based in the UK that offers worldwide a range of services related to artificial intelligence, data engineering, web and mobile development, and software as a service (SaaS).

Ray Solutions has a team of experienced and qualified AI developers who can deliver high-quality solutions that meet your specific needs and goals. Ray Solutions also provides end-to-end support, from consultation and design to implementation and maintenance and team extension.

Ray Solutions can create generative AI systems, predictive AI systems, and AI chatbot development. Generative AI systems can produce original and creative content, such as text, images, music, or code. Predictive AI systems can analyze data and provide insights, forecasts, recommendations, or decisions. AI chatbot development can create conversational agents that can interact with users through natural language.

The cost of hiring Ray Solutions depends on various factors, such as the scope, complexity, duration, and requirements of your project. Ray Solutions will provide you with a free quote after assessing your needs and expectations. Ray Solutions also offers flexible and competitive pricing models that suit your budget and preferences.

The time frame for completing a project with Ray Solutions varies depending on the type, size, and specifications of your project. Ray Solutions will give you an estimated timeline after discussing your project details with you. Ray Solutions also strives to deliver the project within the agreed deadline and with minimal delays or disruptions.

Ray Solutions takes data privacy and security very seriously for its projects. Ray Solutions complies with all the relevant laws and regulations regarding data protection, such as the GDPR. Ray Solutions also uses encryption, authentication, authorization, backup, firewall, antivirus, etc. to safeguard your data from unauthorized access or misuse.

Starting a project with Ray Solutions is easy. You can start by filling out a contact form on their website or sending them an email with your project details. Ray Solutions will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a free consultation session with you. During this session, you can discuss your project goals, expectations, budget, timeline etc. with them. After this session they will send you a proposal with a quote and a plan for your project. If you agree to their proposal they will start working on your project as soon as possible.

Ray Solutions follows the best practices and standards of software development and AI ethics. It uses reliable and secure tools and platforms to develop and deploy its services. It also conducts regular testing and maintenance to ensure the functionality and performance of its services. Additionally, it respects the privacy and confidentiality of its clients and their data, and complies with the relevant laws and regulations regarding data protection and security.

Ray Solutions works with various industries where AI provides most efficient and cost effective solutions, such as: – Marked


- Healthcare

- Education

- Finance

- Retail

- Entertainment

- Manufacturing

- Travel

- Marketing

- Social Media

Some of the challenges of using AI to solve real-world problems include:

  1. Data quality and availability: AI systems need to be trained on large amounts of high-quality data. This data can be difficult to collect and clean, and it can be expensive to store and maintain.
  2. Model complexity and interpretability: AI systems can be very complex, and it can be difficult to understand how they make decisions. This can make it difficult to trust AI systems and to deploy them in production environments.
  3. Ethical considerations: There are a number of ethical considerations that need to be taken into account when developing and deploying AI systems. For example, it is important to ensure that AI systems are fair and unbiased, and that they do not harm individuals or society.