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Success Stories

The Knowledge Academy: Online Courses & Learning Platform

The world’s largest and most established provider of training courses globally, with extensive experience of providing quality-infused learning solutions, has the capability to deliver over 30,000 courses in 1000+ locations across 190 countries. These achievements have materialized in a 100% increase in student enrollment, a 50% decrease in customer support tickets, an 80% improvement in customer satisfaction, and a 70% drop in training costs. 

The Knowledge Academy | Success Story | Ray Solutions
Bus Hunter | Client Website | Ray Solutions

Bushunter: AI-Based Bus Booking Systems

Travel booking giant Bus Hunter partnered with Ray Solutions to create a multi-tenant SaaS platform that transformed their booking experience. The user-friendly platform allows for real-time bookings and leverages AI-powered support to boost customer engagement. 

The results speak for themselves: a 40% improvement in booking efficiency, a 75% surge in user satisfaction, and a 60% reduction in support response time.

Tech Stack: AWS, React.js, Laravel, Python, NLP, OpenAI

PIXLEY: AI Website Builder

PIXLEY is an AI-based website builder that helps in building websites in minutes. It has a number of templates, smart design tools that can work with NLP content generation. Despite the fact that the team responsible for PIXLEY, Ray Solutions, faced several technical hurdles that included custom plugin development and media network personalization, they overcame the difficulties. 

Tech Stack: AWS, Angular.js, WordPress, NLP, OpenAI

Pixely | Client Website | Ray Solutions
Join Milk | Client Website | Ray Solutions

Modern Milkman: CMS-Based E-commerce Platform

Ray Solutions, help the Modern Milkman to build as well as scale their eCommerce website. The solution involves a platform that has been designed from scratch, third-party integration, and security measures. Along with that, The Modern Milkman grew their traffic by 50%, sales by 40%, and customer satisfaction rating by 95%. 

We integrated features such as customizable delivery schedules, easy payment options, and real-time tracking to enhance the customer experience. 

Innovative and Effective Marketing Solutions

Brackets Digital, a creative agency, came to Ray Solutions with a number of challenges, including an outdated CMS, a slow website, and a need for e-commerce functionality. Ray Solutions used an upgrading strategy that addresses all the requirements of Brackets Digital’s website. This approach led to a 50% improvement in the website’s performance, 75% in website reliability, a 40% increase in e-commerce sales, and a 60% increase in customer satisfaction. 

Brackets.Digital | Client Proposal | Ray Solutions
Bright Network | Success Story | Ray Solutions

Bright Network: Jobs Platform

Bright Network is an online space over network of 900,000+ members which links the job seekers and premium employers through LinkedIn. With the help of Ray Solutions, they built and scaled this creative solution which was able to double the hiring rate by 25% and increase the retention rate by 40%, respectively. Bright Network establishes itself as the ultimate global network for bright and career-minded graduates and professionals. Everything they do for members is free, and diversity is critical to the mission of helping every student get ahead in their careers.

79% of their membership is state-educated, 55% are female, and 40% are the first generation to go to university.

IRIS – HR & Account Software

Winning software and solutions that can power businesses of tomorrow. Through Ray Solutions, the company finally came up with a one-stop shop for handling, scaling, and managing payroll, finance, and HR. The use of this software extends to over 120,000 companies that use the software for managing their day-to-day operations.

They help clients achieve their business goals by fully leveraging technology, while providing an unparalleled, personalized client and employee experience. 4,300 IT professionals, 25+ Fortune 500 clients, and 30 years of Enterprise business operations.

Tech Stack: AWS, Angular.js, WordPress, NLP, OpenAI

IRIS | Success Story | Ray Solutions
MOI Global | Success Story | Ray Solutions

MOI Global: B2B Agency For Technology Brands

We have helped MOI Global create bespoke web gateways and Drupal websites using the latest tools. Apart from that, MOI is the marketing agency behind many of the world’s top B2B technology brands, including Hitachi, Oracle, the multinational computer technology corporation, Fujifilm, the photographic company, and Thales, the electrical systems multinational.

FOXI – Salon Booking Mobile App

Foxi Salon Booking Platform is a mobile application designed to facilitate the process of scheduling appointments at different beauty salons, and other similar establishments also, viewing available services, selecting their preferred staff members, and managing their booking.

For salon owners and staff, these apps streamline the appointment management process, improve customer satisfaction, and help with organizing their business operations.

The salon booking app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Tech Stack: Laravel (PHP), react.js (javascript), SQL.