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Stop searching for an experienced SaaS development team. Our team’s skills, flexibility, and scalability make us the perfect fit for your SaaS project’s success.

We provide low-cost, high-quality services. So, spend less time and money on hiring. Our SaaS team turns your initial idea into an MVP version quickly!

Launch Your Next SaaS Project With Experience Team

Our skilled SaaS team has a proven history of efficiently delivering successful and complex SaaS projects. We utilize our expertise to assist you in reaching your SaaS goals. With a history of delivering winning SaaS projects, we bring the experience needed to complete your project successfully.

Dedicated Team

With over 11 years of experience, our SaaS development team handled a variety of web-based technologies, programming languages, and frameworks for clients.

Easy Team Extension

With our team extension model, we can help clients extend their teams with the expertise needed to complete their projects efficiently and quickly.

Affordable Pricing

Save money by automating software procurement and maintenance processes. Our SaaS team also cuts your costs by 50% compared to the US market.

Trackable & Weekly Updates

Our top priority is to keep our clients updated with regular progress reports, and our team follows a highly transparent working model monitored by project management software.

Data Security & Integrity

We follow SOC 2 for data security and all of our developed applications are highly secure. Our SaaS engineers ensure that automated data backup tools are integrated into our SaaS projects.

All-in-One Solution

There is no need to hire different firms. We provide you with an expert remote team that does everything. We will assist you at all stages of planning, building, releasing, and even promoting.

Hire an expert SaaS team with full-stack expertise

At Ray Solutions, we provide a team of professional SaaS developers that can handle any project, whether large-scale or smaller. We’ve helped startups and large corporations alike bring their SaaS visions to life, and here’s why they chose us:

Guaranteed Success with Advanced Technologies.

Hire an experienced SaaS team ready to turn your SaaS vision into a reality by utilizing the latest technology.







Axios/ Fetch











Mongo DB

Microsoft Azure


Redux or Vuex



Our SaaS Development Work

The Knowledge Academy | Success Story | Ray Solutions

The Knowledge Academy: Online Courses & Learning Platform

The world’s largest and most established provider of training courses globally, with extensive experience of providing quality-infused learning solutions, has the capability to deliver over 30,000 courses in 1000+ locations across 190 countries. These achievements have materialized in a 100% increase in student enrollment, a 50% decrease in customer support tickets, an 80% improvement in customer satisfaction, and a 70% drop in training costs. 

Pixely | Client Website | Ray Solutions

Pixely: AI Website Builder

PIXLEY: AI Website Builder

PIXLEY is an AI-based website builder that helps in building websites in minutes. It has a number of templates, smart design tools that can work with NLP content generation. Despite the fact that the team responsible for PIXLEY, Ray Solutions, faced several technical hurdles that included custom plugin development and media network personalization, they overcame the difficulties. 

Tech Stack: AWS, Angular.js, WordPress, NLP, OpenAI

Pixely | Client Website | Ray Solutions
Bus Hunter | Client Website | Ray Solutions

Bushunter: AI-Based Bus Booking Systems

Travel booking giant Bus Hunter partnered with Ray Solutions to create a multi-tenant SaaS platform that transformed their booking experience. The user-friendly platform allows for real-time bookings and leverages AI-powered support to boost customer engagement. 

The results speak for themselves: a 40% improvement in booking efficiency, a 75% surge in user satisfaction, and a 60% reduction in support response time.

Tech Stack: AWS, React.js, Laravel, Python, NLP, OpenAI

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Once the project is signed, a team of specialists will start working on it.

What Clients Say About Us

Client Testimonial | by Design| Ray Solutions
Richard Bailey CEO Client By design

We've been with Ray Solutions for 8 years now, and they're like family! They consistently deliver quality work, always hitting deadlines and surprising us with new ideas. They're the absolute best; if you need a reliable team for your web project, I recommend Ray Solutions.

Client Testimonial | Pixely | Ray Solutions
Amine Laissoub Founder Pixely

Launching my website builder application with Ray Solutions was a fantastic experience! They were incredibly communicative and understood what I needed. They didn't just build a solution, they suggested more features that were necessary. I was so impressed, and I'm definitely looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Client Testimonial | BusHunter | Ray Solutions
John Yan Founder Bus Hunter

Hiring Ray Solutions was a good decision! Their AI team made a magic and added new life into our customer support solution. Migrating from the old .NET platform to a new tech stack was a hurdle we worried about, but Ray Solutions made the transition seamless. Highly recommended!

Let’s Discuss Your Project

As soon as our team of technical specialists receives your request, they will get in touch with you to arrange a call. 

In this discussion, we will carefully review your requirements and suggest technologies and required tech stack. 

Let’s Discuss
Your Project

As soon as our team of technical specialists receives your request, they will get in touch with you to arrange a call. 

In this discussion, we will carefully review your requirements and suggest technologies and required tech stack. 

SaaS development stands for Software as a Service development. It is cloud-based development software for creating web applications that are available easily in web browsers or mobile apps. So, users do not need to install or maintain the software on their own devices.

  1. Cheaper: it is much cheaper than the price of software purchase.
  2. Convenient: It is convenient, as remote working is possible when the internet is available.
  3. Online Accessibility: It can be obtained from any device that is connected to the internet.
  4. Business Growth: It empowers small businesses to stay resilient financially with little investment.
  5. Implementation Time: It takes no time to install and you can start implementing it in a nanosecond.
  6. Management of Updates and Security: The vendor will deal with updates and security issues so you can direct the IT staff to concentrate on more significant situations.


Ray Solutions guides your way from concept to cloud-based app. We handle everything such as design, development, testing, and maintenance. Our services include platform selection and development, UI/UX design, consultation, architecture design, cloud migration, deployment, and ongoing support.

Ray Solutions collaborated with the following industries and developed software:

1 health care – Ray Solutions came up with a variety of applications for health care providers for ex. electronic health records (EHR) systems and patient portals.

2-Finance solutions comprised of banking and trading platforms.

3-Education Ray Solutions designed learning management systems (LMS) and students’ portals.

4-E-Commerce Ray Solutions developed shopping carts, checkout systems,s and so on.

Ray Solution assisted several companies in creating versatile and profitable SaaS apps:

1-BusHunter: Ray Solutions assisted BusHunter in providing a smart booking system, and the traveling business has completely changed now.

2-Pixely: Ray Solutions teamed up with Pixely to create a platform that uses AI as a magic wand and makes it easy to build sites.

3 The Knowledge Academy: Ray Solutions also served in the education field by developing a Learning Platform. It is the world’s largest and most established platform of training courses.

4-Modern Milkman: Ray Solutions, helps Modern Milkman to build a CMs-based e-commerce Platform as well as scale their e-commerce website.

5-Brackets Digital. Ray Solutions also assisted this creative agency in designing Innovative and Effective Marketing Solutions.

6-Bright Network: it is a Jobs Platform. With the help of Ray Solutions, they built and scaled this creative solution and doubled the hiring rate as well as increased the retention rate.

Ray Solutions has a number of quality assurance measures in place to ensure the quality of its SaaS development services. For example, Ray Solutions uses a rigorous testing process to ensure that its SaaS applications are bug-free and meet its quality standards. Ray Solutions also has a team of experienced and qualified developers who are experts in SaaS development.

The cost of hiring Ray Solutions for SaaS development will vary depending on the specific project requirements. However, Ray Solutions offers competitive pricing and flexible payment plans.